Hinged Door Wardrobes Sydney

When it comes to wardrobes, the right styling, high-quality materials, accessories and internal configuration is everything and the smallest details matter a great deal. Most homeowners choose wardrobe features with great care. They want to make sure that the space is used creatively and optimally so that they are able to store everything properly. We at Classy Kitchens offer custom hinged door wardrobes Sydney solutions that fit in perfectly with your requirements and budget.

Hinged door wardrobes Sydney

We are the professional Sydney wardrobe company that has been operating in this industry for over 12 years. In this time we have handled literally scores of hinged built in wardrobes design and installation projects for customers across the region. As professional custom wardrobe design experts, we have the skill, training, creativity and resources to provide stylish, practical and affordable designer wardrobes Sydney. We have noticed that most customers prefer high-quality hinged built in wardrobes rather than sliding ones.

High-quality hinged mirrored wardrobes- the benefits

If you have a larger bedroom with a good amount of movement space, floor-standing, hinged wardrobes are good solutions. For a smaller bedroom with a niche, we can design and install the best hinged built in wardrobes for you. These features offer a number of benefits such as:

Aspects of custom wardrobe design and wardrobe installation

Our experts give as much weightage to aesthetics as they do to functionality, durability and cost. It’s why they focus on aspects such as:


We can incorporate hidden hinges in the custom hinged built in wardrobes’ design. This helps achieve a very sleek and clean door design that complements the look of the other features in your room. If you prefer this type of no-fuss design, we can also include door slots or embedded door handles rather than knobs. They provide a cleaner and smoother aesthetic to the best designer wardrobes Sydney.

Door materials

Our best and cheap built in wardrobes in bedroom are available in a range of materials and finishes such as:

If you like the appearance of natural wood, but are looking for a low- price custom wardrobe design, we can install an engineered wood wardrobe with a wood finish veneer. No matter what option you choose, we assure you the best custom wardrobe design and installation services.

Designing the wardrobe internal

A custom wardrobe is extremely personal in design. The best way to get internal configurations that suit your requirement is to first look at the things you have, what your lifestyle and storage requirements are and then plan with these aspects in view. As the best Sydney wardrobe company, we understand the importance of customisation and high-quality, yet maintaining a low cost of hinged built in wardrobes.

Our designers work very closely with you and discuss your specific requirements. They will make note of the amount of full-hanging and half-hanging space you need. The shelving height and drawer configuration will be planned as per your needs. We will work on your ideas and recommend professional hinged built in wardrobes design solutions to help you achieve stunning and practical wardrobes.

Cheap custom wardrobe design

When it comes to designing the exteriors and interiors of your hinged built in wardrobes, the sky is the limit. Our expert consultants ensure that the custom wardrobe design process will result in a smart and efficient storage solution for you. Your wardrobe is made to order and crafted in our advanced and modern factory in Condell Park. If you need us to redesign and refurbish the internals of your existing hinged mirrored wardrobes, we can handle that project as well.

For the best hinged door wardrobes Sydney feel free to contact Classy Kitchens at 02 9772 0394. You also have the option to Contact Us via this online form and we’ll be happy to help.

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